Reference Standards

You have to analyse the marker of a phyto-pharmaceutical without having a reference standard? Due to molar response of NMR there is no need for a specific standard; together with purity test using DSC it may be the solution of your analytical problem. Additionally, NMR can help to calibrate reference standards for HPLC.

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Identity and Purity

NMR analysis enables simultaneous determination of origin, nature and quantity of natural products and by-products as well as of not allowed admix-tures and residual solvents with high precision. Example: Heparin Sodium

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Structure Elucidation

New active ingredients or the notorious unknown HPLC-Peak in 1%-level after two-year-storage? A challenge to structure elucidation, which is the initial domain of Spectral Service.

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Analytical Support in Drug Development

We accompany your product development from the first idea to final batch release with our analytical services, profiting by many years of experience.

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