5-Batch Analysis

To register a pesticide the chemical structure and the amount of active ingredient and of all by-products down to 0.1% are required. Our modern equipment and the experienced use is a guarantee for successful generation of data.
Since 25 years we are involved in the development and analysis of pesticides.

  • Spectroscopic characterisation of active ingredient using NMR, LC-/GC-MS and FT-IR
  • Structure elucidation and quantification of all by-products down to 0.1%
  • Material balance

Formulation components per LC/MS

Formulation components are important for the efficacy of pesticides. We provide complete analysis regarding chemical nature and amount of chemicals used in pesticide formulations, including ionic and non-ionic emulsifiers. Example: Stearyl-PPG-6 per LC/MS

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Identity Test of Re- and Parallel Imported Pesticides

The origin and composition of active ingredient is decisive for the permission to sell pesticides. We provide analytical comparison of pesticides with respect to formulation and solvents, active ingre-dients including by-products and quantification of components. Ratio of stereo isomers can be determined. Example: Stereo Isomers of Cyfluthrin

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Important for registration is the pattern of by-product or degradation products. Example: 31p-NMR-Spectrum of Glyphosate

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