Please complete the following fields if the account beneficiary is different from the client. If the invoice recipient is identical to the client, the fields can be left free.

For customers in the EU, we need a valid VAT registration number (VAT ID). This number must have been ordered separately for trade within the EU. Please tell us the address which was valid when the VAT was issued.


Bottled samples must be filled into containers suitable for chemicals and clearly labelled; labelling must provide information about sample description, expiry, as well as special storage conditions and safety hints. Container muss be suitably protected against damaging during transport.


Through the inquiry using the online order form no service contract between SpectralService and you is formed. We will contact you after receiving your message as soon as possible and send you a message back. Of course we will treat your information confidentially and it will not be disclosed to third parties. For further questions and specific tasks, they can contact us directly by email!